Rules and Regulations

To bring out the best of this retreat practice, participants should:


1)      Be punctual and attend all the sessions daily. At the end of the retreat, one will experience the blessing of inner peace and joy by sincerely keeping to this commitment.

2)      Wear white color attire if possible. Participants wearing shorts and singlet will not be allowed to enter the retreat hall.

3)      Take vegetarian meals during the entire retreat. Eggs and food mixed or cooked with meat are NOT allowed. No smoking is allowed during the retreat session.

4)      Keep conversation to the minimum and recite the mantra more. Please avoid using mobile phone unnecessarily.

5)      Unofficial video equipment is not allowed in the retreat. Participants should seek the Organizing Committees’ approval before uploading photos or video clips of the retreat in the internet for public viewing.

6)      Exercise patience and tolerance during the retreat, especially if there is a need for queuing up.

7)      Respect the decision made by the Organizing Committees.


All participants are responsible for their own safety and personal items. The Organizing Committees will not be held responsible in the event of injuries, accidents and losses of any valuables during the retreat.


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